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De gevoelige 'Toray' carbonblank met een geweldige drilkracht maakt dit tot een tophengel. De reelhouder is extreem licht en in combinatie met de blank resulteert dit in een beter gevoel en beetregistratie.


De nieuwe korte versie van 198cm is ideaal voor gebruik vanuit de boot en bellyboot!


A sensitive 'TORAY' Carbon blank with excellent hook setting abilities and lots of fighting power makes up the backbone of the W3 Dropshot rods. The two-parted SKS reel seat is extremely light and offers direct contact to the Kevlar Carbon reinforced blank resulting in a fetter feel and bite detection. The flat rear handle is designed to rest on the underarm during fishing and besides being comfortable it also helps in stabilizing the rod. Details like the unique hook keep also makes a big difference. When using a typical dropshot rig simply slide in the line and tighten up to fixate the dropshot sinker. This will keep the rig from tangling when moving in between fishing spots.

  • Reel Seat: SKS
  • Guides: LS ring guides
  • Blank: 'TORAY' High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium grade EVA handle with rubber cork insert
  • Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon
  • Flat rear handle
  • Custom made "hook keep" for dropshot sinkers

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