W3 Powerlure


De W3 reeks van Westin kenmerkt zich door zijn lichte, sterke blank en een zeer mooie afwerking. 
De Powerlure is gemaakt om met grotere hardbaits, shads en spinners te vissen. 


Made from the very best Japanese 'TORAY' High Performance Carbon, sensitive but with great power. W3 Powerlure is designed for casting with bigger lures, shads and spoons. The unique carbon quality with a lot of strength and great power will detect any bite from a zander or pike and easily set the hooks.

  • Reel Seat: SKS
  • Guides: LTS ring guides
  • Blank: 'TORAY' High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
  • Premium EVA handle with rubber cork insert
  • Reinforced with 3K woven Kevlar

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