Bantamm Frogg 10cm

Black flagg

Super flat body designed to plane on the surface and to be rigged either with single or double spring-style hooks up to 6/0, and “wall” shaped legs for a quick and lively action are the key features of our own buzzing frog.

The tails are very responsive, yet they emit a subtle sound to attract even the most shy fish around.

Plus, you don’t need a specific rod to fish it: your standard heavy action jig rod will do the job, since these kind of frogs don’t need those particular rod action s required for hollow-body frogs.

For maximum casting distance, we recommend to rig these lures on our WEIGHTED LIQID HOOK in size ranging from 4/0 all the way up to 6/0. Just opt for a light hook if you need to slowly crawl it, or increase hook weight if you want to burn it on the top of the water.



Type: Softbaits

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