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Catfish 3" is a unique bait designed by the creative team of FishUp. This fundamentally new soft plastic bait is a very realistic replica of a catfish fingerling.

The behavior of fins and whiskers of FishUp Catfish both in static position and while moving is absolutely similar to the behavior of a catfish fingerling: the whiskers and fins are straight and motionless as it stand still, and then they are pressed against the body while you drag it. Gentle stream helps the elements of the bait move naturally even if it stands still, which attracts the passive fishes. FishUp Catfish has a little snout that allows the bait to lead high-frequency game and work well even with the smallest split shot.

While angling with Catfish you can use all types of jigging: step-like, wave-like, jerking along the bottom imitating the behavior of catfish, various types of dragging and twitches.

Due to its realistic features the catfish fingerling FishUp Catfish may involve perches, pikes, zanders and even white predator fish into hunting process!

FishUp Catfish is a real highlight in your angling arsenal!

Type: Softbaits

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