Exo baitcaster


Exo Baitcaster LH EX201SPT 

We set our engineers the challenge of making the Exo Baitcaster as light as they possibly could without compromising on performance. The solution was relatively simple: We called it “metal only where necessary”. The finished product is a skeleton design and the lightest Quantum Baitcaster in the company’s history. At the same time, the reel is so robust that you can drive a pick-up over it, as you can see on our web site. Available in left and right-hand versions.

LH EX201SPT:   overbrenging: 6.6:1;   gewicht 192g;    inhaalsnelheid 81cm;   kogellagers 11 

LH EX301SPT: overbrenging 6.6:1: gewicht 212g;  inhaalsnelheid 85cm;  kogellagers 11

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