Fishhunter PRO



Fishhunter PRO :

Reliable WiFi, No Data Connection Required

Offering a more reliable connection with better range than Bluetooth®, the WiFi connection between FishHunter and your smartphone or tablet does not require a cellular or internet connection and keeps your phone available for texts and calls

Buoy-like Design

Get a more reliable WiFi connection with FishHunter’s unique, buoy-like design, which is difficult to submerge

Multiple Fishing Views

See fish as fish symbols with Fish View, get unfiltered sonar returns in Raw View or find fish under the ice with Ice Fishing Flasher and Raw views

Create Custom Maps

Create custom Bathymetric contour color charts of your favorite fishing spot or the entire lake by trolling FishHunter Pro behind your boat

Integrated LED Light

FishHunter Pro is easy to see during early morning/nighttime conditions due to an integrated LED light that also functions as battery indicator/charging light

Tri-Frequency Coverage

FishHunter Pro features a tri-frequency transducer, supporting 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz frequencies

FishHunter App

Log catches, waypoints, follow your friends and even live stream catches around the world with the free FishHunter app, available from the IOS App and Google Play Stores


The Lowrance FishHunter Accessory Pack contains:

Line Tying Clips - To attach the FishHunter to fishing line for casting or to the Trolling Teather

Charging Cable - For connecting to a USB connection to charge the FishHunter

Carrying Case - Providing a safe place for the FishHunter during transport and storage

Trolling Tether - For towing the FishHunter or connecting to a stationary object

Type: Dieptemeter

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