Jointed Shad Rap


A plastic, jointed version of the legendary Shad Rap® that sends out a “distressed-minnow” signal loud and clear. Its jointed tail section creates a slightly exaggerated action which helps to trigger otherwise disinterested or tentative fish.

Try JSR when the fishing is tough. The exaggerated, wide action of the lure works especially well in cold water conditions. Jointed Shad Rap is a suspending lure so don’t forget long, sometimes ultra long pauses while retrieving in – as the lure has a neutral buoyancy it stays still in the water when stopped and often fish cannot resist it. Trolling: Jointed Shad Rap can take enormous current and stay still in the strike zone so it is ideal for trolling in rivers.

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks New
JSR04 1.2-1.8 m 4 cm 5 g No. 8 & 10
JSR05 1.8-3.9 m 5 cm 8 g No. 6 & 7
JSR07 2.1-4.5 m 7 cm 13 g Two No. 4

Type: Pluggen

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