Ultra Light Pop


A small topwater lure that packs a mean pop. Custom-designed cup face to move a lot of water and create a big bubble on each twitch. Featuring a loud internal rattle for added attraction, this little popper won’t go unnoticed.

Short, crisp twitches of the rod tip will create an erratic, water spitting action for the Ultra Light Pop with minimal forward travel, keeping the lure longer in the predator’s view.

Longer pulls with the rod tip bring out the Ultra Light Pop’s true loudmouth attitude. It will draw a large bubble of air under the surface, creating a loud pop and lots of reflections and commotion. A surefire way to get the predator’s attention with a snack-sized bait.

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
ULP04 Topwater 4 cm 3 g Two No. 10


Type: Pluggen

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