Drag Metal Cast Slow



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The long awaited DUO’s answer to shore jigging Recently, slow jigging has taken off and proved itself as a productive method of catching various species (Blue-runners, flat-fish, rock-fish, etc.). The Drag Metal Cast slow has been developed through careful evaluation of the method and how it is so productive. The asymmetrical flat side of the body creates a short pitched fluttering during the fall, giving fish a short but necessary time to bite, while reducing the drag against the lure which can be quite stressful for anglers fishing all day long. This asymmetrical aspect of the lure tends to affect casting distance, but through subtle weight balance distribution, we have overcome this problem, giving it outstanding casting distance. In order to reduce snags, it is loaded with two assist hooks on the front (with tinsels) and one assist hook at the rear.

Type: Spinners

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