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The key to the BladeBite is the vibration and action, with a very subtle clicking sound, that we have perfected down to the smallest detail. A bladed jig works equally well in clear or stained water and is normally fished high-up in the water column over grass, wood and rock structure, where the enticing action stimulates predators to strike. In pressured waters a bladed jig can be the difference between success and failure. Our Custom-designed 'stealth mode’ Viking blades give the perfect mix of erratic action and stealth presentation, making them hard for any predator to resist. Feel the blade start to kick out an insane amount of vibration as soon as it hits the water. The blade is strongly secured with a solid oval ring. We have also added a strong oval split ring out front to tie directly to your leader or for use with a wire trace. Feel free to experiment by adding any soft lures as a trailer, with curltails, paddletails, and creaturebaits working great and swimming beautifully.

  • Tungsten head weight
  • Lead free
  • Ultra-sharp and strong single hook
  • Trailer keeper system – great grip and less damage
  • Hand-tied superior silicone skirts
  • Custom-made Westin plastic blade in several colors
  • Active Eyes
  • Hand painted detailed tungsten head

Type: Chatterbaits

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