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The Westin Ned Worm will conjure up fish on even the slowest days, bringing success when all else fails. This long-lasting lure is made of a super-elastic, floating and strong TPR. Its tapered design gives life-like tail movement that responds to every movement of the rod tip. The salt-infused body gives the Ned Worm the perfect buoyancy and realistic stand-up lure action to perfectly imitate a feeding or wounded prey on the bottom. To make this lure even better we added an irresistible scent. The Westin Ned Worm can be rigged in numerous ways. Try it on a Ned rig, Dropshot, or rigged Wacky-style.

  • Super elastic and strong TPR
  • Floating
  • Salt-infused body for perfect balance
  • Tapered shape for life-like movement
  • Fish catching scent
  • Do not store TPR with other lures
  • 7cm 3g 7pcs
  • 9cm 5g 6pcs

Type: Softbaits

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