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The ONETEN R+3 joins the ONETEN R series. Inheriting the concept behind the ONETEN R, the R’s depth has finally reached 4m! Just imagine… the performance of the ONETEN R at a depth of 4m. The ONETEN R’s realistic baitfish darting and irregular actions are being brought to a range previously only occupied by big cranks. What’s noteworthy is that while having the ability to dive to such depths, the R+3 maintains light pulling resistance and with jerking can perform sharp darting in the deep zone that can trigger reaction bites at will. Years of Megabass hydrodynamics research and the unique actions of the ONETEN will now take the deepest range by storm.
Very few minnows can evolve up to 3 meters deep while being able to be handled in jerks to make large lateral deviations. The Oneten R + 2 is one of those few lures that allow to continue to practice technical and precise animations while fishing in depth.
V110 R+2: 110mm 14g floating
V110 R+3: 110mm 14g floating

Type: Pluggen

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