2.75" Finesse TRD



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We don't know what perch love about this softplastic sausage either. But the fact is: The predators love the 2.75" finesse TRD from Z-Man. This salted, but still uplifting stickbait is in top form on the Ned Rig! Mounted on a FinesseShromz head, it stands upright on the bottom and trembles forever during pauses. In this phase, it is taken often by the perch. Tip: If you want a stronger buoyancy, you can knead the bait a little under hot water and stretch it to wash out some of the salt.

  • Super-strong ElaZtech baits are 10x more durable than ordinary soft plastics.
  • ElaZtech baits are naturally buoyant and will float when rigged unweighted. 
  • The flexibility of ElaZtech assures life-like action that mimics natural bait.
  • ElaZtech is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phtalates.
  • CAUTION: ElaZtech cannot be stored with any other kind of plastic baits. Please store them in the original bag or in a separate tackle box.
  • 4g
  • 8stuks
  • 6.6cm

Type: Softbaits

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