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Based on a scan of a little Freshwater Goby! This little crank bait, swims with the most enticing and seductive action. Built-in tubular rattle chamber in the back makes a great provoking sound. The Relatively wide bill, will bounce of Rocks and bottom on retrieve and the lure will move backwards on spin stop, if you give a little slack – trigging hard strikes. The lure is perfect for many freshwater predator species that just loves Freshwater Gobys, Trout, Perch, Pike and Zander!

• ABS Hard Body
• 3D Scanned details
• Tubular Rattle Chamber
• Great erratic action
• Goby Crank40 2xST46 #12
• Runs 1-1,4m
• Goby Crank50 2xST46 #10
• Runs 1,5-2m

Type: Pluggen

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