Airbear Weather Proof

Geoff Anderson


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Warm, breathable with a soft high pile insulation that provides great heat preservation.

AirBear weather proof gloves are designed for the switch between keeping you warm and having the ability to tie a knot with bare fingers.
Weather proof means the glove can withstand nearly anything coming from above such as rain, cold winds or wave splashing.
With these gloves you can turn a cold morning into a comfortable hunt for your dream specimen.
For the fishermen who does not care about bad weather.

Man-made 100% polyester insulation. Nicknamed fake fur.
Lofty, soft and durable.
Quick-drying and insulates even if wet

Upper Shell: 100% wind and waterproof with 4-way stretch.
Breathable micro-porous laminate 

Fleece lining. Soft, warm and highly stretchable. 
Silicone print provides a solid grip. These gloves are designed with a sweat-wicking lining, so your hands stays nice and dry.


  • Wind proof (from above)
  • Water proof (from above)
  • Breathable
  • Insulated
  • Stretchable
  • Generous length - extra weather protection. 
  • Designed in Denmark

Type: Kleding

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