Bantam Armajoint 190F Flash Boost


The Bantam Armajoint 190F Flash Boost is a technical swimming jointed bait that takes functionality to a completely new level. The ArmaBoost technology improves casting performance, whilst preventing hook fouling, and magnets placed strategically into the body sections improve section alignment and swimming action. If you are one of the increasing numbers of anglers discovering the benefits of large glide baits for catching the largest freshwater predators, you’ll certainly be interested in the Bantam Armajoint 190F Flash Boost. The Armajoint technology greatly increases casting performance by enabling the lure to completely fold in half during casting, producing a more compact shape. And a clever ‘hook-lock’ system eliminates the front and back hooks from fouling whilst in the air. But every lure should be judged on its fishing performance and the inclusion of strategically placed magnets in the ends of the sections improves alignment, which results in a more natural swimming action, even at low speeds. You can fish the Bantam Armajoint 190F Flash Boost slowly and smoothly, or with more aggressive intermittent movements, in the full knowledge that you are maximising your chances like never before.

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