Big McTail



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Big McTail is a longer version of the classic McTail and a tournament winner that has caught tons of fish and attracts any kind of predatory fish.

Big McTail is slow sinking and easy to fish. You will get long glides and small vibrating moves, a side to side action made with the smallest rod taps or by twitching the reel handle.

Due to the horizontal sink and rounded shape the Big McTail has a fantastic hook set.

The lure has stainless steel wire trough and it's made of one piece foaming ABS plastic.

"The Big McTail makes every glide count"

- Weight: 102 g
- 15 cm /6,3" body
- Swims on 0,2 - 1,5 meter/0,5 - 6 ft
- Hook: Heavy duty 4/0 black nickel
- Flat stainless steel split rings
- Solid foaming ABS
- Stainless wire through
- Hand painted
- Tail screw for easy tail mounting
- Zinc weights

Type: Pluggen

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