BT world Pop Flash Boost



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69mm 11g

The World Pop is a top water lure with massive fish appeal that can be used in two different ways. Using regular, small jerks a ‘Walk the dog’ action can be attained, whilst aggressive jerks and sweeps produce a powerful popping action. Features Flash Boost and Scale Boost for visual attraction.There’s nothing more exciting that watching a predator smash into your lure on the surface and the World Pop doesn’t disappoint. Hugely versatile, you can use the World Pop with a ‘Walk the dog’ type swaying action, by using constant small jerks to spark the lure into action. But if you want to make a bigger disturbance that will really fire up your target fish try a hard and fast jerk to create a powerful popping action that moves loads of water and drives predators wild. And if that wasn’t enough, the World Pop features Flash Boost and Scale Boost for maximum visual attraction. The World Pop is a great lure to use when fish are actively surface hunting and is guaranteed to give you hours or fun and excitement.

Type: Pluggen

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