BT World Rush 56F Flashboost



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56mm 16g

The Bantam World Rush is a compact floating crankbait with a large square bill that helps to reduce snagging when fishing around structure. Visually outstanding, this fantastic lure is equipped with Flash Boost technology for additional light reflection and Scale Boost for life-like reality.The compact body shape and special front lip reduces snagging and makes this a great lure when you are fishing around underwater structure and obstacles. You can work the floating Bantam World Rush down to a depth of 2 metres with a reasonably fast retrieve. When paused, the lure slowly rises towards the surface with a gentle rocking action which makes best use of the Flash Boost technology to create additional attraction. For increased visual attraction, the use of Scale Boost 3D holographic film gives a remarkable life-like scale pattern which is especially noticeable as the lure is stopped during the retrieve.The World Rush is best worked with a smooth crank and pause retrieve which creates a dive and rise action.

Type: Pluggen

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