DUO Realis Apex Vibe Tune 65 en Apex 85 Vibe



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DUO Realis Apex Vibe Tune 65mm 14.3g
Fine-tuned by bass angling pro Aaron Martens, the Apex Tune embodies years of bass angling expertise of an angling legend. The Apex Tune is a big bite lure in a smaller package. It has a signature swim action with a soft deflection and a descent rate that gives it the desired reverberation and quaver. The line eye has been moved back, thus lifting the running posture making the lure more snag-free. Available in two sizes, the Apex Tune is a pro angler’s essential tool for the game!
DUO Apex Vibe 85mm 27g
The second of the Apex line cranks, the Realis Apex Vibe 85 is here! Developed with the expertise of one of the most acclaimed lure designers in Japan in conjunction with the expertise of Aaron Martens, arguably one of the best bass anglers in the world, the Apex Vibe 85 is a small package with great power. The Apex Vibe 85 features a line eye that has been moved back to enable a snagless movement through the water. Its use as a bass magnet is enhanced with its slow horizontal shimmy fall. While smaller in profile than the 100 model, the new Apex Vibe 85 has a thicker and meatier body, giving the angler another invaluable tool for the game!

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