Gomoku flutter Slim



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Cast it at structure and let it sink. The GOMOKU FLUTTER SLIM has an asymmetrical, slim design ideal for micro applications; It falls with a tight flutter & moves erratically when twitched.

This is the ideal choice when fishing tight against objects such as pontoons, pylons & boat hulls where you think fish might be holding close to that structure. Cast it as close as you can, let it sink & hold on as most strikes come during the fluttering descent.

Fitted with premium VMC black nickel trebles.

  • Super slim body design
  • Tight fluttering action on drop
  • Tail-kicking action on standard retrieve
  • Aggressive darting action when twitched
  • Premium VMC black nickel hooks
Variable 9.5 cm 11.5 g

7.5 cm

7.5 g

Type: Pluggen

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