Hearty Rise Evolution

Hearty Rise

The Evolution Series is one of the light fun rods from Hearty Rise. A funny stick! Light, stiff, twitch'n without ending.... 

The new Series is a bit faster than old one and also has a bit more resilience. As the name says: "Evolution pure".

The Outfit now is plain and nobel made and the price for this Series is great.

Model Lenght  PCS Tr. Lenght Weight lure weight
ES-702M 2,13 m 2 110 cm 130 gr 7 - 21 gr
ES-762MH 2,30 m 2 115 cm 141 gr

7 - 28 gr

ES-762H 2,30 m 2 115 cm 149 gr 10 - 42 gr

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