HP 3D Wacky


This trembling action bewitches bass!

The “HP 3D-Wacky” is a new standard of next generation neko-rig. It can make even sophisticated bass bite although they do not bite existing straight bait. The reason is The “HP 3D-Wacky” is specialized only for neko-rig to strengthen the ability to gather bass and let them bite.

The major reason why neko-rig can catch more bass is the wave generated by bait. The “HP 3D-Wacky” generates wavy action with the whole body trembling. The action becomes more complicated because it has twin tail construction and so it can make even experienced bass bite.

Basic usage is neko-rig with 1.8~3g nail weight using octopus hook with weedless wacky hook or offset hook. If you shake it at the bottom it trembles and if you shake it when falling, it also trembles. If you let it swim it vibrates at high speed as if it was writhing. If you hang it on the branch and shake, the whole body trembles and generates irregular 3D slide fall as if worms playing each other.

The “HP 3D-Wacky” was born to create the new ground of neko-rig. You should experience that ability.

5" : 8 stuks

Type: Softbaits

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