Mini Fat Rap



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For convincing finicky fish to bite, the tight swimming action is just right. The sinking Mini Fat Rap® works with unmatchable action for attracting trout and other smaller predators.

MFR is a super casting lure for its size. It is especially effective for salmonoids, perch and small estuarine species. When casting, you can start prospecting the area near you first with short casts. Keep on extending your casts so that in the end you will have the entire hot spot covered without spooking fish that may be at your feet. Use the CountDown method; pay special attention to the moments when you stop the lure as often the fish will strike when you start winding your Mini Fat Rap in. Keep changing the pace of your reeling as MFR catch fish at any speed.

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
MFR03 0.9-1.8 m 3 cm 4 g Two No. 12

Type: Pluggen

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