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The 3.5" ProCrawZ from Z-Man are an enlarged version of the popular 2.5" TRD CrawZ. They are perfect for use on the Ned Rig, but are also great trailers for skirted jigs and they can of course be twitched seductively over the bottom on weighted offset hooks. The CrawZ work especially well with Z-Man's Pro BulletZ. But no matter how the rubber crawfish are presented: The strongly buoyant material always ensures that the lures stand perfectly on the bottom and raise their claws upwards in a natural defensive position.

All Z-Man softbaits are made of ElaZtech. This material is super-soft and thus allows unequaled lure action.

  • Super-strong ElaZtech baits are 10x more durable than ordinary soft plastics.
  • ElaZtech baits are naturally buoyant and will float when rigged unweighted. 
  • The flexibility of ElaZtech assures life-like action that mimics natural bait.
  • ElaZtech is non-toxic and contains no PVC, Plastisol or Phtalates.
  • CAUTION: ElaZtech cannot be stored with any other kind of plastic baits. Please store them in the original bag or in a separate tackle box.

Type: Softbaits

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