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One more creation by FishUp is Shrimp.

A fairly large and voluminous bait, which has a fantastic mobility of the legs and whiskers, both on slow retrieve with pauses and smooth retrieve.

These features make the FishUp Shrimp extremely effective when creations are outperforming other types of lures. The combination of passive slow retrieve, pauses and active steps allows you to find the right key when catching passive fish.

The incredible detail of the lure is worth noting as a separate item!

It is a certain fact that Shrimp has everything necessary for maximum success at the fishing.

Model Size    (mm)   Amount (pcs.)
Shrimp 3"       75                      9
Shrimp 3.6"    91                      7
Shrimp 4.5"    113                    7

Type: Softbaits

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