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The Titan model has proven itself to be a bass fishing kayak extraordinaire. The Titan Propel 10.5 (PATENT PENDING) can more easily be transported in a truck bed while offering many of the same features as the 13.5’ model. The Titan 10.5 offers unsurpassed stability making the platform optimal for sight casting while providing plenty of leverage to reel in the catch. This boat features easy-to-reach horizontal rod storage with rod tip protection and elevated First Class Seating designed for comfortable transitions between standing and sitting. In addition, the boat features easy mounting of a Power-Pole Micro Anchor system. The Titan 10.5 can be purchased with a our transom-style motor mount that will accept many off-the-shelf trolling motors for a power-assisted ride making this one truly versatile kayak fishing platform.

The 10.5 offers up solid stability and an incredible amount of storage for a 10.5’ kayak fishing platform. Add in a killer turning radius, two horizontal rod storage, a separate staging rod and cup holder and a single power pole micro anchor mounting area and you have one serious kayak fishing platform at under 11 feet. If you are looking for a shorter kayak fishing platform with incredible stability and more ease of transportation, this is the choice.

The TITAN PROPEL 12 allows for tons of storage, has incredible stability, two horizontal rod storage slots, open bow storage, a separate staging rod and cup holder, and a single power pole micro anchor mounting space. If you are looking for a balance between the TITAN PROPEL 10.5 and 13.5, look no further

The 13.5 Including four horizontal rod storage slots and over 300 inches of gear rails. The high/low seating moves fully out of the way to open up a huge open deck area. With dual power pole micro anchor mounting plates, a combo staging rod/cup holder, a bow hatch bucket for storage and being the winner of the coolest gear of the year 2018 award, the titan propel does not disappoint.


Titan Propel 10.5:  328cm x 95.25cm / leeggewicht 44kg / maximale belading 226.8kg
Titan Propel 12: 366cm x 99cm / Leeggewicht 49.4kg / maximale belading 226.8kg
Titan Propel 13.5: 411cm x 105cm / Leeggewicht 69.9kg / maximale belading 249.5kg


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