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U-Shad is a new series of soft plastic baits by FishUp, which was developed in addition to Wizzle Shad, the lure of the classical "Shad" shape with large powerful dimes, which help it acting aggressively.

Cigar-shaped U-Shad is an opposite one; its tail plays soft and stably, its amplitude wide enough. Even though U-Shad is big enough, its milled scaly body is light, flexible and mobile. One more design feature of this bait is adding extra fin-shaped “keel” to the tail part, which makes it very stable even if current is strong.

U-Shad by FishUp is perfect for absolutely all kinds of animations. It doesn’t matter, if you like standard wiring or prefer to invent something: this bait is going to fit into your understanding of fishing.

Type: Softbaits

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