W2 Ultrastick



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  • The medium-fast action of the Ultrastick rods has been designed to be the most versatile medium-weight rods ever. Combined with the light weight and sensitive blank, these rods are ideal for a wide range of fishing techniques, with both hard and soft lures, spinners, and spinnerbaits from 5 to 12cm. Whether fishing from the shore or boat, in freshwater or saltwater, the Ultrastick range is the versatile rod you have been looking for.

    • Reel Seat: Seaguide® XVS
    • Guides: Seaguide® SXOHLSG premium Guides
    • Blank: 24 / 30 tonne High Performance Carbon
    • Split-handle with premium grade EVA
    • Custom made rubber non-slip bottom cap
    • Hook keeper: Seaguide® Dhook

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