Zilla flanker



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The Zilla Flanker is a shallow running wobbler that has a steady flanking action on a steady retrieve. Fished fast or slow, this flanker will run perfect and catch loads of fish. When jerked/twitched it flashes side-to-side and has erratic movements. The Weight Ramp system ensures long and precise casts. Diving depth: 0,5 - 1,5+m

  • Slow floating
  • Adapt the swimming depth with the Klip Lok® system
  • The Weight Ramp system ensures longer and precise casts
  • Equiped with razor sharp Fusion 19 treble hooks
  • Lead-free
  • Diving depth: 1 - 2+m
  • 15.5cm 79g
  • 11cm 29g

Type: Pluggen

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