SGS2 Offshore Seabass

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SGS2 OFFSHORE SEA BASS Become a master of catching sea bass offshore with this extensive collection of rods designed specifically to do just that, by casting or vertically. There’s a complete range of casting weights and lengths to help you make the most of any fishing situation. These rods are made to offer exceptional casting and to help you use topwater lures, minnows, sinking pencils or even soft lures flawlessly. Don’t let the name of this range fool you; despite being excellent for targeting offshore sea bass, they are also perfect for catching other salty predators such as bluefish and bonitos with remarkable ease.

• SeaGuide Gold Label reel seat
• SeaGuide Gunsmoke SW Guides
• Extra Sensitive yet Powerful Blanks
• CCS Guide Setting
• Toray high modulus carbon fibre
• Tough EVA handles
• Deluxe rod bags

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