Svartzonker Tail Junior



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Svartzonker Tail Junior is a smaller version of the legendary Svartzonker Tail.
This is a straight retrive lure designed for covering lot's of water being the perfect tournament lure.

The Svartzonker Tail Junior has a nice light belly roll and moves a lot of water. It runs shallow and is perfect to use with casting or spinning rods.

Rig it with a Svartzonker spinner rig large and a BigTail for an extra DeLuxe presentation.

Made of one piece ABS and wire through the zinc weights.

- Weight: 49 g
- Length: 7,5 cm body and 17,5 cm with tail
- Swiming on 0,2 - 2 meters
- Made of one piece hand painted ABS plastic
- 1,1 mm wire through the lure
- weighted with zinc
- VMC original hooks
- high quality flat stainless steel split rings

Type: Jerkbaits

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